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Imagine News

November 4, 2014

Imagine Merchant Solutions announcing Apple Pay Acceptance

Imagine Merchant Solutions announcing Apple Pay Acceptance


In 2013, when we first rolled out the free Vx520 terminal, with both EMV and NFC acceptance capabilities, we were told by some that we were wasting time and money on NFC contactless technology that just wasn’t going to take off. However, Imagine believed that NFC was going to revolutionize the payment industry and decided on rolling out the terminal with both EMV and NFC readiness anyway. Now, guess what?! NFC is here to stay!

The recent Apple announcement to leverage NFC technology for payments in their new iPhone 6 models with Apple Pay was just the right push for contactless payments in the spotlight.

To date, Apple has sold an estimated 20 million iPhone 6s and 6+s and is projecting overall sales to be 70 to 80 million before the end of the year. Apple has also recently announced that over 1 million payment cards have already been registered with Apple Pay.

To be clear, not all Vx520 units from VeriFone come with NFC readiness.However, all Imagine Vx520 units deployed since day 1 are ready to accept Apple Pay, today, without any updates needed.

With Apple Pay, merchants with a Vx520 from Imagine can benefit from:

  • Reduced risk of counterfeit card payments due to Apple Pay secure tokenization and Apple Touch ID.
  • Accept more payments from a huge growing customer base that use their new iPhones to pay.

To learn more about NFC Technology contact us (866) 924-2030